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Rotary Rake With 9 Arms

Rotary Rake With 9 Arms

It has high maneuver ability and high performance with low needed hp. It makes clean and quality raking without taking rocks,soil and etc.

Rotary Rake Some Features ;

  • Detachable arms makes you help while carrying and it will decrease your space need for storage
  • You can adjust raking height.
  • With the help of damping system you can minimize strecthes and vibrations
  • You can trust Italian gearbox for long years .
  • By the brenda you can adjust the space between the lines
  • By angled arms the machine releases the grass easier
Empty Weight 350 kg
Working Width 3,30 m
Carriage Weight 1,40 m
Number of Arms 9 Piece
Number of Springs 27 Piece
Number of Tire 4 Piece
Tire Dimensions 15 x 6
Needed Rpm 540 t/m
Needed Power 25 Hp


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