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Stationary Angled Feed Mixers

Stationary Angled Feed Mixers



-When you compare with other type stationary feed mixers it consumes %50 less power.That decrease your electric expenditure costs.


-By it’s angled design the delivery trailer can go under it.By that way you can discharge the feed inside the delivery trailer directly without need a conveyor belt.That means you don’t have to invest also for a delivery belt.Discharging the feed directly to trailer’s another advantage is preventing feed losses while delivering the feed by conveyor belt.Because while delivering the feeds can drop down and can accumulate inside the conveyor belt.


-Angled feed mixers have simple design.By that design it’s first investment cost is lower than other type stationary feed mixers.Not using a conveyor belt and using smaller gearboxes and smaller electric motors decrease the first investment cost.


-Low loading height.At angled feed mixers loading height is lower than other type stationary feed mixers.For 30 m3 angled feed mixer loading height is 2.15 m.Loading height for 30 m3 vertical feed mixer is 3.30 m.This provides very much time saving while loading.


-Easy looking angle.The angled design provides easy checking from ground by eyes.At other systemsfor checking inside you should go over the machine.


-One of the most important issue the nutritionists give importance is while mixing the feed shouldn’t take damage by the pressure while mixing.If the feed take damage and crush it’s nutrition level will decrease.The crushing rate of the feed and the power usage  of the machine is directly proportional.When power usage increase crushing also will increase.Angled mixers is the less power consumpting mixer type that’s why the cruhing also less.

-Another advantage of low power consumption is wear and tear time.At low power consumption wear and tear time is longer.


-At the studies on angled feed mixers the homogeneus rate measured as %98.

Capacity 10 m3 12 m3 15 m3 18 m3 22 m3 24 m3 30 m3 42 m3 50 m3
Empty Weight 4000 kg 4400 kg 5000 kg 5800 kg 6900 kg 7100 kg 7900 kg 10200 kg 13100 kg
Total Width 2.70 m 2.70 m 2.70 m 2.90 m 2.90 m 2.90 m 3.10 m 3.80 m 3.80 m
Total Height 3.60  m 4.20 m 4.70 m 4.55 m 5.10 m 5.20 m 5.65 m 5.99 m 6.20 m
Total Lenght 4.90 m  6.00 m 6.90 m 6.00 m 6.90 m 7.00 m 7.80 m 8.00 m 8.50 m
Feed Discharge Height 1.80 m 2.05 m 2.30 m 2.05 m 2.30 m 2.30 m 3.03 m 3.03 m 3.50 m
Feed Loading Height 1.75 m 1.75 m 1.75 m 2.05 m 2.05 m 2.05 m 2.15 m 2.15 m 2.15 m
Electric Motor 2x5.5 k2 2x7.5 kw 2x11 kw 2x15 kw 2x15 kw 2x18.5 kw 2x18.5 kw 2x18.5 kw 2x22 kw
Movement Transfer Gearbox Gearbox Gearbox Gearbox Gearbox Gearbox Gearbox Gearbox Gearbox
Bottom Thickness 10 mm 10 mm 10 mm 10 mm 10 mm 10 mm 10 mm 10 mm 10 mm
2 Augers Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard
Stationary Angled Feed Mixers
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