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About Us

About Us

About Us

In parallel with developing and expanding our agricultural potential, the need for appropriate agricultural machinery to today's technology is constantly increasing.

In 1978 our company started producing agricultural machineries in a small industrial site in the workshop 40 m². With over 30 years of experience in domestic and international markets our company was careful about being a close follower of developing agricultural technologies. We always renewed ourself by catching the pace of the new technologies and by the investments of new plants and the inventions of new products we would be able to realize the firsts in our country.

We are proud of to offer our country, the first Single Row Maize Harvester and first Feed Mixer and we keep producing new technologies for the farmers.

With the purpose of improving efficiency and adaptation and accessibility of the farmers to new technologies and with our experienced management and technical staff who cares customer satisfaction at most and who is prudent,participant,innovater and with common distribution network and with conscious farmers we play our role successfully to improve the farming methods in domestic market and in International market.

Our Mission..

Outputs to ensure the happiness of our stakeholders, our country, our society and present it to the service of humanity.

Our Vision..

Being a leading manufacturer in our region with our products and core values of international standards , being respected and exemplary organization in international market, being a player that remain indifferent to developments in the global economy.

Core Values..

  • Respect the universal and social values, innovative, participatory human resources based on our capital.
  • Constantly improving our products and our processes to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Country, society and the environment to protect the interests of our basic principle.