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Manure Scraper System

Manure Scraper System

Clean environment is very importont for the cattles.

Not cleaned farm depends some disease for the cattles, so high veterinary medicine and deads mean decreasing the profits.

While cleaning process the system do not disturb the cattles. With using the scraping system the farms will be dry and clean you will do it with so liitle effort.


  Technical Specifications Control Panel Specifications
Chain 12 mm calibrated chain has a power of pulling 5500 kgs. Automatic or Manual working
Gears Ductile Cast Pulling power can be set
Electric Engine 0,75 kw dynamo. Used specially designed fpr scraping systems contactors
Scraper Wings Custom Made Water and dust resisted control panel
Number of Wings 4 pcs Immanent spare parts
Gearbox 50/1 Custom Made, works both sides  
Manure Scraper System
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