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Rigel Ventilating And Cooling Fan

Rigel Ventilating And Cooling Fan

The TOSUN Rigel ventilation and cooling fan is the ideal platform specially designed for cattle breeding businesses. It is the most economical ventilation fan that produces a 31,500 m3 air per hour with a 0.55 kW electric motor and provides ventilation of 3 meters / second, which is critical for the cooling of cattle when mounted at 8-12 meters intervals.

Low power consumption and high cycle capacity are achieved. The low cycle also reduces the wing sound.

The sahada is mounted by hanging easily on the roof construction. Dirty air is removed from the shelter through the air corridor created by the fans placed at the rear or from the barn waiting area. PA The plastic wings are very durable against decay.


Model 1;

Engine: 0,55 kW 3x380 Volt Propeller Diameter: 110 cm Capacity: 31,500 mɜ
Air Output Speed: 10,7 m / s 3m / s Air Speed: 12 meters 2.8 m / s Air Distance: 16 meters

Model 2;

Engine: 1,5 kW 3 x 380 Volt  Volt-Propeller Diameter: 186 cm-Capacity: 80,000 mɜ
Air Output Speed: 8,2 m/s 3m / s Air Speed:16 meters 2.8 m / s Air Distance: 24 meters

Rigel Ventilating And Cooling Fan
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