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Straw Blower

Straw Blower


The Tosun Straw Blower brings an additional feature to the straw bedder and all-fodder feeder range: the possibility of activating (or disabling) the chopping function. The same machine can therefore be used to put down short straw (cubicles) or long straw (bedded packs) while retaining the capacity to deliver long-fibre fodder (such as hay or haylage).

The settings are controlled from the tractor cab by means of the hydraulic counter-knife which, depending on its position, adjusts the cutting length of dry products up to 4 cm. In the raised position, centrifugal force causes the ejector vanes between the knives to stand up to project long straw to a distance of 17 m.

CAPACITY 3000k/h
Empty Weight 1800 kg
Total Width 2100 mm
Total Height 2600 mm
Total Length 3500 mm
Min.Tractor Motor Power Required 40  Hp
Min. Tractor Shaft Devolution Required 540 t/m
Drive Transmission System Gearbox 
Loading Width 1200 mm
Blade System 104 Pieces
Independent Hydraulic Standard
Back Door Control Hydraulic
Jack Manual
Conveyor Speed Adjustable
Blower Hydraulic/Rotating 360 Degree
Blower Header Adjustable to right and left and up and down
Rotatable Header Pin 110 mm


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