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Manure Pump

Manure Pump

You can discharge your manure pool with Tosun Tarim’s manure pump.It also has the ability of mixing and chopping.The manure pump can produce privately for different sizes of the manure pools.

With its strong electric engine you can transport the manure 500 away from the manure pool.

Lenght 550 mm Pump Shaft Lenght 430 mm
Width 440 mm

Pump Shaft Diameter

40 - 50 mm
Height 630 mm Pump Shaft Material ST1040 Steel
Engine Power 15 Kw Suction Nozzle Diameter 160 mm
RPM 1500 Discharge Nozzle Diameter 146 mm
Motor Rating Voltage 380 V.

Discharge Flange Diameter

285 mm
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