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Accuracy Automatic Feeding Systems

Accuracy Automatic Feeding Systems

Feeding is one of the most important issue of a livestock farm.With Tosun Accuracy you can make it at top level.

Feeding is the most important issue of a farm to increase it’s profitability.By improving technologies like ACCURACY it is possible to increase profitability.

With Tosun ACCURACY you can add needed amount inside your tmr accurately by the help of dosing bunkers.With load cells under bunkers system automatically weight the amount needed to load to the feed mixer.In this way you can prevent to give more or less feed according to the receipt and you can give standart feed everyday.Those brings to decrease your expenses and increase your farms’s performance

-Easily implement your ration changes.

Just entering the ration to the system will be enough to imply the ration.

-More precise feeding.

It is possible to give the same feed everyday to the all groups.

-Preventing negative effects of irregular feeding.

Irregular feeding may cause health problems and that decrease production and cause more health expenses.

-Feeding and stock tracking possibility.

By ACCURACY feeding program you can follow feeding processes retrospectively and you can follow your stock.

-Error-free application of all rations.

It is error-free from operators possible mistakes.

-Intermediate storage facility for 1 or 2 days.

It is possible to load the amount you use in 1 or 2 days at single time.System portions it automatically.

-Saving from time, energy.

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