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100DX85 Combine Silage Round Baler

100DX85 Combine Silage Round Baler

The advantages of maize bale silage compared with silo silage:

Lower level loses:there is almost no waste when preparing maize bale silage.If a pest does damage the film then usually only a few shovels of maize silage has to be removed.On many farms,the weekly feed rate in the clamp silo is significantly less than two metres,which often leads to reheating and mould formation,which in-turn can lead to big losses.

More Nutritional:The dry-matter content in maize bale silage lies is approximately 39-42% and therefore is significantly higher than with clamp silo silage.The higher dry-matter content leads to a better forage intake and forage exploitation.The excellent forage quality is of particular advantage for sensitive young calves.

Portionable forage removal:the advantage of maize silage bales is that each bale is a new protion,thus eliminating problems such as reheating of the remaining maize silage.

Longer conservation:The quality of the maize silage of a bale can usually be conserved 14 days.We should respect to various opening techniques:If the bales are used for forage within two to three days,a hole is made in the front.For low consumption,the bales are opened up on the top and the silage removed in layers.

Get rid of negative effects of rotten silage:When you add the silage into the ration which rotten in clamp silo decreases the taste of the ration and that makes harder eating of it by the animals.At some situations that can also cause poisoning of the animals.When you use baled silage the rotten silage level will be zero that's why there won't be that kind of problems.

Easy storage:Bales can be stored almost everywhere.

Width 1950 mm
Length 6120 mm
Height 3060 mm
Weight 3250 kg
Weight of the Bales (Maize) 450-550  kg
Maximum Hourly Capacity 40 Piece
Min.Tractor Power Required 18 kw and More
Operation Control Panel 12 Volt
Min. Shaft Devolution Required 540 t/m
Width Of The Net 125 cm
Width Of The Strech 50 cm
Bale Dimension 100 - 85 cm
Drive Gearbox / Hydraulic
100DX85 Combine Silage Round Baler
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