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Horizontal Feed Mixer 4 m3

Horizontal Feed Mixer 4 m3

Feeder Mixers are very important parts of livestock farms by producing homogenous feed for the animals.
Tosun Feeder Mixer helps you to cut bales in short time by its specially alloyed knives,helps you mix roughage and concentrated feed homogeneously by its body design.Tosun feeder mixer body also designed fort to minimize the food left after delivery.

Why Tosun Horizantal Feeder Mixer :

  • Its body design helps you to prepare more homogeneous feed.
  •  Body design helps the feed to  move easier inside the machine. That means with less power you can prepare more food and at the same time that means saving from the oil cost.
  • The scraper plates inside the conveyor belt help you to keep inside the conveyor more clear.
  • Tosun feeder mixer’s loadcell wedges are casting not metal plate.That means Tosun wedges are more long lasting.

Digital weighing system(Optional), feeds fed into the machine can be weighed with high precision and rations can be prepared correctly

Empty Weight 1740 kg
Wagon Width 1.42 m
Wagon Height 1.37 m
Wagon Length 2.57 m
Total Width 1.80 m
Total  Height 1.90 m
Total  Length 4.65 m
Min.Tractor Power Required 40 Hp
Min. Shaft Devolution Required 540 t/m
Drive Transmission System Gearbox
Wagon Base Thickness 8 mm
Blade System ( Ax / Camomile ) 32/32 Piece
Tire Dimensions 10/80-12
Lubrication System Self Oiling
Height Adjustable Right Discharge Hydraulic
Hydraulic Support Foot Standard
Rear Bucket Loader System Standard
Double Screw Mixer Standard
Double Sided Discharge (Left Side) Optional
Horizontal Feed Mixer 4 m3
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